Advising Foci:

8th – 9th Grades: Your Outline

  • A four-year course plan
  • Extra-curricular options based on interests
  • A standardized testing plan
  • An understanding of admission requirements and selection criteria

10th Grade Focus: A First Draft

  • A course plan for grades 11-12
  • Moving to the next level in extra-curricular activities
  • A standardized testing plan
  • An assessment of the academic profile in relation to post-secondary goals
  • Making the most of interactions with teachers, counselors and visiting with college representatives

11th Grade Focus:  Editing and Revising your Goals

  • A course plan for grade 12
  • Paring down and digging into extra-curricular activities
  • The plan: SAT/ ACT test preparation and administration (Yipee!  It’s finally here!)
  • Creation of a strategic college list
  • Making the most of interactions with teachers, counselors and college representatives
  • College visits, college fairs and demonstrated interest
  • Requesting letters of recommendation
  • Self-reflection exercises to prepare for essay writing (Who Am I?)
  • Guidance on financial aid, scholarships and for the student athlete

12th Grade Focus: Publishing your Work

  • Final SAT and ACT advice (You may have checked that box, already!)
  • “Apply To” college list complete
  • Collecting letters of recommendation
  • Application schedule and checklist
  • Essay topics selected and professional guidance throughout the essay process
  • Application review
  • Interview strategies where needed (pull out your khakis and put away your leggings!)
  • Post-application support and acceptance guidance

Package A

  • Pre-Application-Counseling: for Middle School through Sophomore Year (year two in High School) 30 sessions per year. Hourly Counseling sessions to be conducted at least 2 times per calendar month via Web-conference.

Package B

  • Application-Advising for Junior and Senior Year until acceptance. 48 sessions Junior year;
  • 28 sessions Senior year until acceptance.  Hourly Advising sessions to be conducted at least 3-4 times per calendar month via Web-conference

Package C

  • Post Acceptance-Mentoring from:
  • 1) PHASE 1 – Receipt of university acceptance letter through high school graduation 10 sessions to get ready for college.  1 hourly Mentoring session per calendar month via Web-conference.
  • 2) PHASE 2 – University entrance through university graduation 24 sessions per year. 2 – one-hour Mentoring sessions per calendar month via combination of Web-conference and in-person meetings.

Package D

10 hour/10 week focused, topical sessions. Choose two of the five topics to discuss.

  1. Explaining career and personality testing, testing, and then review of results
  2. Creating an attractive and appropriate résumé
  3. How to write an application essay
  4. Interview preparation
  5. Preparation for SATs, ACTs, GREs. Inter alia

Detailed schedules of various packages are available upon request or through the Hibernian representative password protected section.