College, Graduate, & Adult Programs

Two-week and Four-week Certificate Programs

Hibernian runs substantive certificate programs at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, N  Participants can study one of the following topics: Artificial Intelligence; Financial Technology, including Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and Block Chain; Chemistry and the Chemical Industry; Pharmaceuticals; Entrepreneurism; or Public Speaking & Innovation, with expert university professors and scholars.  Participants will stay on campus and will be able to enjoy outings to nearby New York City in the evening and on weekends. Participants will  receive certificates at the end of the sessions.

Online Courses 

Hibernian offers adult continuing online courses to international students.  The courses would include: Artificial Intelligence, Financial Technology, including Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and Block Chain, Chemistry and the Chemical Industry, Pharmaceuticals, Entrepreneurism, or Public Speaking & Innovation. Classes availability and times will be determined by demand.

Semester Courses Available

International students can enroll in courses at Rutgers University as a matriculated or non-matriculated student. Hibernian will assist students in enrollment and logistics. Students may take classes in courses, such as Global Politics of Internet Security; Politics of Cyber Warfare; Public Health Infrastructures & National Security; Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence, Financial Technology, including Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and Block Chain among others.

Rutgers’ United Nations and Global Policy Studies Program

The mission of the United Nations and Global Policy Studies program is to educate students and practitioners about the causes of violence and war and offer them education – both conceptual and applied – in the history and techniques of peacemaking. Areas of involvement will include human rights, social and economic development, disarmament, conflict analysis, and theories of concept resolution and peacemaking.

The M.A. in Political Science – United Nations and Global Policy Studies is a 36 credit (12 courses) program designed to meet the flexibility required in light of the professional commitments many of our students have.  All students enrolled in M.A. Program in United Nations and Global Policy Studies are required to take the following Core Courses:

  • 790:500 Introduction to the United Nations: Theory, Institutions, Policy and Processes
  • 790:501 Theory and Method in the Study of Global Affairs
  • 790:599 Capstone Seminar in United Nations and Global Policy Studies.                                                Concentrations

In addition to core courses, the UNMA curriculum is organized around five thee areas of concentration that are meant to offer a specialization which a student can present to a prospective employer. Concentrations, however, are not meant to constrain the choice of courses that are of interest to UNMA students. If students are planning to take any courses outside of the UNMA Program they need to get an approval from the Executive Director of the UNMA Program. Each of the concentrations offer internships at the United Nations.

  • Conflict Resolution, Counter-terrorism, and Cyber Security
  • Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Development & Security
  • Development, Environment, and Public Health
  • There are two more concentrations, that we might not want to offer.
  • Human Rights, Gender Equality, and International Law
  • Democracy, Participation, and Community

Youth, Social, Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development  

Hibernian and Rutgers University seek to empower youth in countries around the world by promoting their competence in social entrepreneurship. This effort will not only provide assistance for individual entrepreneurs but develop a model for youth social entrepreneurship which can be applied in different regions of the world. “Youth social entrepreneurship” refers to a youth entrepreneurial venture which has, as part of its mission, the purpose of contributing to the betterment of the society in which it operates.