Course Category: Grade 2


How Are You Feeling Today?

Grade 2: “How are You Feeling Today?”: What makes you happy or sad? Learn cause and effect, spelling patterns of ou and ee, emotion words, family relationships, making connections, and more in this fun animated book with lessons.

You are Special

Grade 2 “You are Special”: Follow some friendly animals as they discover what makes them special. Topics covered include proper nouns, emotions, comprehension and critical thinking, homonyms, sequence, comparing and contrasting, and more.

The Case of the Missing Sock

Grade 3: The Case of the Missing Sock: Follow Kyle as he searches for his lucky sock. Learn to think critically while learning punctuation, comprehension skills, synonym and antonyms, character development, sequence and more.

Where is Sparky

Grade 2: “Where is Sparky” Follow along as Sparky the pup tries to hide from his owner, Spenser. Your child will learn consonant blends, location words, opposites, setting, verbs, and more.

Mary in Space

Grade 2: “Mary in Space”- Follow Mary as she floats around space to see the planets of the solar system. With three interactive lessons, your child will learn the names and qualities of the planets, comprehension and critical thinking, the use of exclamation points and questions marks, sight words, and…
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