Onsite or in the USA Professional Development


  • Specific Content professional development Learning Substantive Content through Active Learning Strategies
  • Organization of Education Processes
  • Organization of Support Systems
  • Professional Development of Administrators, Teachers, and Support Staff
  • Strategies for Innovation and Reform in the School System
  • Strategies for School-wide Leadership
  • Effects of Commonalities and Differences in Formulation of School Standards
  • Integration of Non-Native Students and Students with Foreign-born Parents
  • Strategic Solutions for Student Performance and Achievement
  • Establishing Education Culture and Heterogeneity
  • Creating Administrative and Programming Infrastructure for New International School
  • Education Leadership

Non Education Topics and Classes

  • Corporate and Institutional Training
  • Corporate Governance Infrastructure
  • Regulation Compliance
  • Operational Training
  • Health Care Administration


  • Starting a Business in the USA.
  • Entrepreneurism
  • Innovation
  • Immigration Investment
  • Understanding the American Market
  • Understanding the American Commercial and Business Culture