Active Learning

Active Learning

Most schools in the United States of America from early childhood through university levels implement a model of “Active Learning” in the classrooms.  “Active Learning” involves students directly and engages them actively in the learning process itself. Students are involved in all stages of planning, design, execution and evaluation.

Educators believe it is crucial for students to master critical thinking skills, group dynamics, innovations, and the ability to productively present their thoughts in both formal and informal settings.

Some of the more prevalent teaching methodologies in “Active Learning” are “project-based learning”, “flipped classroom”, and “differentiated teaching with scaffolding implementations”.

The video below gives a brief example of “Active Learning.”  The actual class period is 50 minutes.  The video runs one-minute.

  • The teacher gives a brief introduction
  • Student research for answers in small groups, using prompts and technology.
  • Students present their findings to the class.