Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Hibernian Global Education Initiative, Inc. operates in the education industry, as an education program provider and looks to bring international students to private high schools in the Delaware Valley, around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and throughout New Jersey.  Hibernian Education Philadelphia, the Delaware Valley and the State of New Jersey are major academic, technology, medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, communications and financial centers in the United States.

Millions throughout the world see the United States as a repository of innovation and creative, economic progress. The future of improved global, economic cooperation and growth will see students from diverse nations and cultures, working together on mutually beneficial projects.

Hibernian looks to build a generation of technologically and culturally savvy men and women who can easily move between Eastern and Western cultures, as positive impacts, bridges, and ombudsmen in the business and social realms.

Hibernian will develop creative, innovative students with a competent command of American culture & society.  Hibernian will develop students who can serve as liaisons between American corporations and foreign institutions.


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