Dual American-Chinese High School Diplomas

Hibernian is offering two-online programs that will allow students to attain two high school diplomas, one from their Chinese high school and one from an American high school.   

  • They will earn a diploma from their own Chinese high school.
  • At the same time, they will earn one from an American school, through online classes. 
  • Students will take two American online courses a year through their three years of Chinese high school and earn both a Chinese and an American diploma. 
  • The American diploma and transcripts will be the same as all fulltime American graduates from the respective American schools. 
  • Both programs will work to place graduates in top U.S. universities.

The General Program

  •  offers many, many courses, with a much lower tuition, 
    • with no TOEFL requirements. 
  • offers an asynchronous, dual American diploma program for only $3,500, over three years ($3,500 total). 
  • also has a full American diploma and transcript program for students, not in any Chinese school at $3,500 year.
  • can place students into one of 150 U.S. partner universities, such as: LSU, Auburn, Alabama, University of the Pacific, among others.

The Premium Program

  • offers a dual diploma, through from an elite Long Island, New York private school.
  • costs $16,000 for the three-year dual diploma package. (Total cost $16,000)
    • Students must have a proficiency in English. 
    • Students will take two online courses a year. 
  • also offers an ability to take the full Premium curriculum courses to receive an American diploma for $16,000 a year for students not in any Chinese program.
  • also offers individual classes for credit completion, credit replacements, or AP courses for $2,677 per course. 
  • classes may be taken all online.
    • also allows students to come to New York state during the Summer to take live courses.
  • also offers 1 + 2 programs and fulltime seats in New York state. 
  • Forty percent of the premium programs’ students get into the top 25 universities in America, such as: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Chicago, Penn, Notre Dame, among others.

Hibernian also offers:

  • English language lessons, with TOEFL certified teachers.
  • White glove programs to help students prepare for college applications:
    • writing the common university application.
    • demonstrating and practicing how to be interviewed.
    • tutoring in classes that may cause them difficulties at the middle school, high school, or college level.
    • other services.