Student Programs

“Length of the Dragon” Middle and High School Programs

Hibernian looks to enroll quality guest students into optimum education programs at top performing private, Catholic, and Christian schools in the United States. High school students and parents receive “Length of the Dragon” services, whereby Hibernian will supervise the education process from their first high school application through college enrollment/acceptance. Students will receive a premium education at the high schools, along with additional educational opportunities while attending those schools.  Students will be eligible for Leadership, Public Speaking, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Technology in Motion Capture Advancements instruction.  Students who meet academic criteria will be able to enroll in university courses, simultaneous to their high school program, where they can concurrently earn both high school and university credits.   They will be eligible for “Short-term Internship” programs, with American corporations.  Qualifying high school and university students will have the opportunities to experience the work cultures of USA Fortune 500 or start-up companies.  Students who meet academic criteria may be selected as mentees of local area entrepreneurs/corporations.

Moreover, students will live in housing operated and managed by Hibernian staff.  Hibernian will offer the students tutoring sessions.  Students will have opportunities to visit and audit classes at area colleges that they might want to attend. In addition, Hibernian will offer career and college counseling in conjunction with their high school guidance departments to help students apply to universities of interest.  In addition, to develop an appreciation of cultural aspects of the American experience, students will tour cultural (including sporting events) sites, museums, and area universities. Other students will live in American families’ homes.

High School graduates in the Hibernian program will continue with the Hibernian program as they move forward. Many of these students will be entering college, with their parents living thousands of miles away.  Fortunately, Hibernian will provide them with all necessary college and career guidance/counseling, including but not limited to college enrollment, college acclimatization, occupational placement, and other issues. The Company will also be the parents’ point of contact and information source in the United States. Subsequently, Hibernian will continue to work with students throughout college and in graduate programs and on to occupational placements.

Ten-day Summer Academy Certificate Programs

Hibernian is accepting applications for students interested in attending premium Summer Academy Certificate Programs in the American academic and technology center of New Jersey, located between New York City and Philadelphia.  Hibernian will provide students with rooms in area university dormitories, and students will attend certificate classes at that university. Students will receive certificates for attending programs taught by American scholars who will instruct them in Entrepreneurism, Innovation, Leadership, and Public Speaking.

They will also explore Robotics, Engineering, and Artificial Intelligence, in special classes taught by university professors.  In addition, students will visit area universities, such as Rutgers University, and Princeton University among others.  Furthermore, students will also visit laboratories, major international corporations, and historical sites in the birthplace of the United States, along with sites in New York City such as Wall Street, Broadway, and the United Nations.  Students will meet representatives from some high schools that they may wish to attend, and various universities will give presentations on what they will expect the students to achieve, while in high school.Hibernian offers three Summer Academy Certificate Programs each summer for ten-days each.                                                                                                               

Students from ages of 12 years old and older, college students, budding entrepreneurs, corporate executives, scholars, and government cohorts are eligible to enroll.

One Semester Middle & High School Audits

International seventh to ninth grade students will attend American grammar, middle, or high schools for part of a semester.  They will audit American classes and interact with American students.  They will participate in American classes as part of their international experience. They may also decide to enroll into the American schools as part of the “Length of the Dragon” program.

English Language Summer Camps


Students will stay with families in New Jersey or other portions of the Delaware Valley near Philadelphia.  Each morning, students will receive instruction in the English language, focusing on conversational English and an introduction of America culture through language.  Each, afternoon students will participate in various local activities, such as visiting the Philadelphia City Hall, Independence Hall, the Constitution Center, Valley Forge and other sites in Philadelphia, or Wall Street, Broadway, the United Nations among other sites in New York City. They will participate in American baseball or soccer games and attend professional sporting events.  Students will spend evenings with American host families. Many of the host families will have with their own children to interact with the Camp’s children.  Each host family will never have more than two international students per home.

Meeting the Gap

Through Hibernian, students who studied in the United States for only one year on a J1 visa may choose to transfer to an F1 (Foreign Student) visa status.  Or, they can enroll in the Hibernian blended and online programs to earn an American high school diploma. In addition, former J1 students who wish to reactivate their previously earned USA high school credits and continue to earn additional credits towards their USA high school diploma can enroll in this innovative program. These former J1 students will also have opportunities to enroll and earn concurrent university course credits in dual college credit programs.  These college credits are transferable into other American universities.


Sister Schools

Hibernian Global Education looks to establish sister school relationships between middle and high schools in Asia and middle and high schools in the United States.  Students will interact with one another in programs and projects using technology such as WeChat and Skype, inter alia.